Two papers accepted to IFAC World Congress 2023

Two papers from our lab were accepted to the IFAC World Congress 2023.

  • The first paper, titled “Ensemble Gaussian Processes for Adaptive Autonomous Driving on Multi-friction Surfaces”, proposes a novel learning-based method for autonomous driving that can adapt to different surface frictions autonomously, which is a challenging problem in autonomous driving. The method uses an ensemble of Gaussian processes, whose weights are automatically adapted to the road condition based on short-term historical data. The method is evaluated on simulations of an autonomous car. This is a collaboration with Prof. Rahul Mangharam’s team at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Ugo Rosolia at Amazon Europe.
  • The second paper, titled “Real-time distributed trajectory planning for mobile robots”, develops a real-time algorithm for distributed trajectory planning for a network of mobile robots. This is a collaboration with Dr. Thang Nguyen (Texas A&M - Corpus Christi) and Dr. Linh Nguyen (Federation University Australia).

Congratulations to Prof. Truong Nghiem and all co-authors.